ls -l Jan Mayen Jan Mayen is a little known norwegian-administered island, 600 km north of Iceland, east of Greenland.
It hosts the northernmost active volcano on earth, covered with a magnificent glacier.
It is uninhabited except for a rotating crew of 18 people, manning the LORAN and meteorological stations.

a Map of Jan Mayen

The following pictures were taken in April 1997, during a french scientific survey of the Beerenberg volcano.
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to get an enlarged view
#1 (39K) or (252K)
the Beerenberg volcano
behind some ice pack.
#2 (38K) or (258K)
Beerenberg Summit view,
South ridge, alt.2270m.
#3 (40K)
Beerenberg Summit view,
East ridge
#4 (29K) or (245K)
Beerenberg Summit view,
North ridge
(can you see the smoke?)
#5 (50K)
Beerenberg Summit view,
North ridge
#6 (42K)
Central island view
(easy downhill skiing)
#7 (22K) or (132K)
One danger
of climbing
to the top
(guess who fell in?)
All photographs by Michel Caplain, April 1997
These and many other color slides can be ordered here.

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